Lean Coaching & The Art of Solving Problems in 10 minutes

Presented By:

Marlon A. Domingues da Silva

Session Description

To change the culture of an organization you must change the habit patterns of both leaders and followers – the patterns of behavior, thought and emotion. Culture is the sum of our beliefs and habits. Individuals rarely change their habits by themselves. Having someone to guide and lead you in your journey can be much more efficient. Coaching indeed is one of the best ways of performance improvement and self-development. But rarely companies provide the needed coaching. This is the problem.

The cost of external coaching is too expensive, and most companies do not have sufficient internal full-time coaches. One of the greatest solutions for leaders is to develop coaching skills and provide coaching to both their own team and to other peer managers and their teams. This is the Lean Coaching model we created at CI&T.

During this session, participants will learn from real case studies and practice a framework we developed enabling any leader to solve a problem in 10 minutes through our way of Lean Coaching.

Learning Objectives:

In the session you will learn…

  • manage and change their internal State
  • develop a growth mindset
  • appreciate a real case where Lean Coaching transformed a Leader
  • practice the framework to help them to solve problems in 10 minute

Facilitator Bio:

Marlon Silva, is a Senior Leadership & Coaching Strategist at CI&T/Brazil. He helps CI&T C-Levels, key positions and clients to unleash and grow their mindset through Coaching talks and strategic trainings. Marlon strongly believes that any tool, process or strategy will only succeed once the mindset is open to a new perspective. He has been working for CI&T since 2009 and started his journey as a Software Engineer.
Very soon, he developed a passion for developing people and seeing their own growth. On his journey, he could exercise many different roles such as Tech Leader, Scrum Master, Project Manager, HR Analyst, Mentor, and Executive Coach. Also managed great projects for clients such as J&J, Pfizer and Coca-Cola.

Some of his achievement as a Coach and trainer was to live in China and coach 7 leaders that got promoted by the end of the process,  the creation of the Lean Leadership Center at CI&T which supports strategic programs such as Coaching Academy, Lean Communication, Introduction to Lean Leadership and the most requested one, Lean Coaching Mastery.

 Nowadays Marlon trains the entire C-level group of the company and supports them to truly implement the ability of Lean Coach on a daily basis.

 Marlon is Master Coach by The International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) and also Master Practitioner in NLP from the Brazilian Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has accumulated more than 200 hours in self-development training.