Creating Structures for Effective Coaching

Presented By:

Jill Miller

Session Description

How do you help a leader understand TPS and their role within it? Coaching a leader’s behavior is part of the process, yet the structure in which coaching occurs also needs to be considered. Faced with this challenge, Herman Miller created a four-day, hands-on experience in a live environment that is filled with structured learning opportunities. Our Management System Experience allows participants to work in all levels of a shop floor management system, from manufacturing associate to Operations Manager. During the experience, participants from both manufacturing and business process environments can see a leader’s role in developing a culture where:


  • Problems are highlighted in the moment
  • A system of support at all levels responds to problems
  • Visual management is used to drive the business and prioritize problems
  • Daily problem solving exists and is expected
  • Learning is shared

After seven years and almost 300 participants, both internal and external, we would like to share our learning about this experience.


Learning Objectives:

In the session you will…

  • Understand the structure of the overall experience and the purpose behind each component
  • See the way coaching opportunities are created
  • Learn why this experience is important to Herman Mille

Facilitator Bio:

Jill Miller, leads Learning and Development for Herman Miller’s corporate Continuous Improvement team, where she combines a passion for helping people realize their potential with a desire to develop ambassadors for continuous improvement. Her work includes programs for leadership development in manufacturing as well as more targeted training that supports both manufacturing and business process areas.

Before becoming a part of the Continuous Improvement team six years ago, Jill had eight years of experience at Herman Miller in both project management and risk analysis functions. Prior to Herman Miller, Jill worked for an asset based lending division of Deutsche Bank, where she managed a portfolio of accounts from both the relationship banking and loan analysis perspectives. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and an MBA, both from Arizona State University.