Engaging Hearts and Minds without Authority or a Paycheck

Presented By:

Ellen Sieminski

Session Description

I’m fortunate to work with two incredible groups of people – one at Littelfuse, and one at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.

In this two-part session, I’ll focus on how the corporate CI team at Littelfuse aims to involve and develop all associates as part of our Enterprise Lean Six Sigma program. I’ll also discuss my volunteer work with AME, an organization dedicated to sharing best practices and helping members share, learn and grow. In both my Littelfuse and AME roles, I have very little direct authority.  At AME, the volunteers don’t collect paychecks.  Yet at both organizations, a lot gets done really well!  Both the for-profit and the not-for-profit have made significant strides, and it is because of the people.  I’ll discuss the role I’ve played in coaching and guiding people to navigate what can sometimes feel like organizational chaos and drive continuous improvement initiatives that matter.

Learning Objective:

In the session you will learn…

  • How to engage all associates in problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Tips for coaching those who don’t believe they need to be coached
  • Suggestions for coaching another coach
  • To understand how the corporate CI team at a publicly-traded company developed and uses a lean six sigma program to engage the hearts and minds of our associates.
  • To learn what has (and hasn’t) worked to engage, motivate and coach volunteers at a not-for-profit.

Facilitator Bio:

Ellen Sieminski is a corporate Global Enterprise Lean Six Sigma Manager for Littelfuse, Inc., a multinational electronic manufacturing company based in Chicago, Illinois, with over 12,000 associates and more than 50 locations. The company primarily produces circuit protection products, but also manufactures a variety of electronic switches and automotive sensors. Ellen is passionate about people development. The world is full of opportunity for improvement, and her goals are to get everyone to love lean as much as she does and to give people tools they can use to solve problems and effect change.