Clean Hands: Coaching Team Based Problem Solving at the Gemba

Presented By:

Darril Wilburn & Rina


Have you ever been challenged with a “just in time” coaching opportunity?  Recently the presenter was given this just in time opportunity while supporting a soap company’s executive team. Except in this case what was supposed to be a 3 day Hoshin coaching session turned into a Gemba problem solving adventure. “Darril”, the company president started when he arrived on site. “Most of the executive team is not available this week due to some corporate issues.  Can you take a team of our supervisors and help them with one of our big problems?”  “Sure” he said as he swallowed hard thinking about what that could mean.

In this session learn how the presenter coached a team through the 8-Step problem solving method to help solve a long-term problem that the company was experiencing. Without mentioning the method by name the presenter coaches the team to understand the problem deeply before trying to solve the problem.  This case study proves that sometimes you have to get your hands clean to solve a problem.

This presentation also uses a puzzle simulation to make the key points of coaching PDCA.


Facilitator Bio:

Darril Wilburn was a leader in the development and implementation of some of Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s highest profile leadership development programs.  Darril led the Toyota Way 2001 (Toyota core values and principles) implementation at Toyota’s largest manufacturing plant in North America.  Darril worked with The Toyota Institute in Japan in development of the Toyota Business Practice (TBP) leading the global pilot of this program as well as the North American Senior Executive sessions.  While at Toyota, Darril studied the Toyota Production System as a student of OMDD, Toyota’s internal Sensei group.  Darril was also part of the team that launched Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas where he led the assimilation and training of new to Toyota management.

As a Partner at, Darril has had the opportunity to work with both public and private sector organizations including Costco, MM Mars, Nike, Johnson Controls, the Port of Seattle, Washington State Department of Labor and Industry.

Darril is also an active speaker delivering presentations and keynote speeches on Lean Principles around the globe including:

  • Harvard Business Review-Latin America “Lean in Action” lecture series in Chili, Equator, Mexico
  • Featured speaker at Lean Conferences in:
    • The Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Brazil
    • Washington State Government
  • Abu Dhabi Talent Conference
  • ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius, Lithuania


Darril is also co-author and editor of the book, Toyota by Toyota

With a background in lean systems and human resource development, Rina brings a people centric approach to applying lean systems methodology to organizations. She has been heavily involved in designing and leading lean systems training programs, delivering to many levels of the organization from front line team members to senior managers. She has a unique ability to coach and build teamwork to assist organizations to undertake a disciplined approach to achieving lean systems transformation, supporting sustainable results while respecting the workforce. As an Improvement Specialist, Rina delivers onsite training and is a team leader of our Vocational Graduate Certificate program in Competitive Systems and Practices. Rina has extensive experience delivering outcome-focused, Australia accredited training programs from a variety of packages including: business, environmental sustainability, and competitive systems and practices.

Rina holds a Bachelor of Human Resources in Organizational Learning, a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise, Masters of Business Administration, a Diploma in Environmental Sustainability, has completed advanced study in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, Training and Education for Sustainability, Lean Systems (USA and Japan Study Missions), and is currently pursuing her PhD at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

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