Breakout Pod A – The Habits of the Lean Leader

Presented By:

Sammy Obara


This session will cover key aspects of lean leadership to allow you to develop lean thinkers and problem solvers, create a sense of urgency and purpose, introduce standards and ensure adherence to them and establish priorities in a lean environment.

You will see different examples from Toyota in Japan and how leadership approach can vary in other cultures and countries.

Although we cannot neglect approach, style, personality and other individual characteristics, there are several habits that every leader must equally possess to make lean a possibility in their organizations.

Keynote Bio:

Sammy learned and implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) at Toyota facilities in Japan, Brazil, Venezuela and in the United States.
He has taught Lean to a multitude of consulting firms, educational organizations such as Harvard and Stanford, and in humanitarian missions thru Asia and Africa.
With close to 30 years of Lean experience, he has helped more than 450 companies. These include TPS projects in environments ranging from schools, to hospitals, to military and many others and in a variety of countries, including China, Russia, Norway, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Poland, Kenya, etc.

Master’s in technology management, he also is a faculty member with the Lean Institute and an instructor of Global Strategy Management for the California Community College system. He is a guest lecturer on lean for post-graduate classes at Stanford University and San Diego State University.

He currently aids companies implementing lean through Honsha.ORG.

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