Creating Transformational Legacy: Coaching Teams to Embrace and Build Upon a Legacy of Enterprise and Personal Improvement

Presented By:

Tom Richert & Joanna McGuffey


Session Abstract:

One of the most significant challenges coaches face is apathy toward lean management practices. This apathy can result in lean transformations never taking full root, or in transformations decaying once an apathetic leadership team replaces a committed leadership team.

As a coach you have two paths toward combatting this apathy. One is to cajole, encourage and persuade people into sticking with lean work, continuing to fight the headwinds that lead to transformational decay. The other approach is to infuse individuals with the active shared commitment required to reach above the headwinds into an enduring transformation.

A recent three-day conversation regarding lean with a group of artists in Cincinnati identified lean as a creative practice and identified an approach toward developing active commitment. These artists discussed the importance of their core identities as artists as essential for being fully committed to their creative work. They also discussed how when their focus shifted away from core identity and purpose and toward the mechanical aspects of creative work, their work suffered.

Building upon what has been learned from conversations with the Cincinnati artists and a related ongoing study, this workshop will guide coaches understanding of how to help individuals clearly identify their core identity, stripping away the waste that clouds their connection to the other people with whom they work. Coaches will also experience a process for creating shared core identities.

Once core identities are understood it is necessary to connect those identities to an enterprise purpose that embraces four vital qualities.

  • Challenge: The understanding that deliberatively designed tension creates the environment for personal and organizational growth.
  • Commitment: The understanding of how our conversations form the network of promises important to the timely, productive execution of work.
  • Connection: An awareness of the mood of individuals and teams through the understanding of the emotional energy in a work environment.
  • Mindfulness: Being conscious about how the daily work aligns with your core identity and the shared core identity of your enterprise.

In this session participants will experience exercises they can use to coach these capabilities to individuals and teams.


Learning Objectives:

In this session participants will learn…

  • Learn an approach for helping individuals recognize the need to develop a focused core identity
  • Gain an awareness of the need to assess moods
  • Learn how four vital qualities combine to provide an enduring transformational legacy
  • Understand the connection between serving a noble purpose, motivation and sustained work performance
  • Explore methods for encouraging enterprise leaders to frame shared purpose in a context serving a broader community

About the Facilitator:

Tom Richert began his work with lean principles in 2000 beginning with projects in the design and construction industry. He coaches lean work at the project team and enterprise level, employing a combination of team-based training with hand-on simulations followed by on-the-job observation and coaching. In 2017 he organized a workshop introducing lean to a group of artists for the purpose learning new perspectives on Lean, which he now is using with clients to help teams better understand how to lead their lean transformations. A book reporting on the workshop, Lean from an Arts Perspective will be published in early 2018.

Joanna McGuffey’s work focuses on workplace team morale and productivity. She coaches leadership teams to help define and empower their company culture. Her approach is to connect people to their enterprise’s mission allowing them to experience greater fulfillment through deeper thinking and daily contribution. Leveraging her background as a visual artist, Joanna facilitated the final day’s discussion at the Lean from an Arts Perspective workshop.

Tom and Joanna are focused on helping clients see transformation as an ongoing process, one that requires a legacy approach that endures through successive generations of leadership, building off what they learned from the Arts workshop, related research and client experiments