Core Identity Recognition as a Precursor to Coaching Just In Time Professional Growth

Presented By:

Tom Richert, Co-Facilitator Joanna McGuffy

Session Description

One of the most challenging aspects of a lean transformation is shifting mindsets from a “just tell me what to do” and “I’d better keep busy” check-the-box mindset toward a hunger for the personal and team development lean work promises. At times lean practices can be constrained by a deliberate analytical and rational way of thinking.

That observation led to an exploration of lean with a group of artists, people that tend to think and work in a way that includes an intuitive, divergent perspective. A recent three-day conversation about lean between several lean practitioners and a group of artists in Cincinnati, along with ongoing study, reveals the importance of core identity and purpose to creating a successful lean transformation.

Due to disappointments, discouragements, and conflicts in life many people become jaded regarding change efforts, seeing them as a method of manipulation. Without understanding how their core identity connects to the purposes of the enterprise in which they work, people find it easy to disconnect from a lean transformation.

Therefore a primary challenge in coaching people is to help them recognize the need to clearly understand their core identity, which is often clouded by a mood of resignation. This breakout session will demonstrate for coaches a method for creating this recognition, based on these commitments:

  • Check individual and enterprise core identity against purpose.
  • Understand the need for and practicing mindful observation.
  • Assess and help people navigate toward productive moods.
  • Focus on cultivating a contributor versus consumer

Coaches will learn the method through role-playing throughout the breakout session, and will be encouraged to take an exercise back to their enterprise; the results of which they are invited to later review with Tom or Joanna via video conference.


Learning Objectives

In this session participants will learn to…

  • An introduction to how individual core identity relates to shared team core identity and unified enterprise purpose
  • Learn an approach for empowering individuals to recognize the need to develop a focused core identity, practicing three steps designed to promote this recognition
  • Gain an awareness of the need to assess moods

Facilitator Bio:

Tom Richert began his work with lean principles in 2000 beginning with projects in the design and construction industry. He coaches lean work at the project team and enterprise level, employing a combination of team-based training with hand-on simulations followed by on-the-job observation and coaching. In 2017 he organized a workshop introducing lean to a group of artists for the purpose learning new perspectives on Lean, which he now is using with clients to help teams better understand how to lead their lean transformations. A book reporting on the workshop, Lean from an Arts Perspective will be published in early 2018.

Joanna McGuffey’s work focuses on workplace team morale and productivity. She coaches leadership teams to help define and empower their company culture. Her approach is to connect people to their enterprise’s mission allowing them to experience greater fulfillment through deeper thinking and daily contribution. Leveraging her background as a visual artist, Joanna facilitated the final day’s discussion at the Lean from an Arts Perspective workshop.

Tom and Joanna are focused on helping clients see transformation as an ongoing process, one that requires a legacy approach that endures through successive generations of leadership, building off what they learned from the Arts workshop, related research and client experiments.