Self-Reflection: A Tool for Coaching Leaders

Presented By:

Cheryl Jekiel

Session Description

This breakout is focused on the use of self-reflection as a coaching tool for leaders. During the session, the participants will utilize a self-reflection tool to assess their own leadership skills and how use it as a tool to coach other leaders. The coaching model for this session can be used for either leadership roles, peer coaching opportunities and/or self development. A benefit of self-reflection is that it raises awareness for day to day improvements.  The other benefit of this session is the ability to customize this approach to particular needs.

Learning Objectives

In this sessions participants will…

  • Learn how to use self-reflection as a leadership and coaching skill.
  • Have an opportunity to practice a self reflection as a basis for coaching others by using a template and structure approach.
  • Learn how to customize a self-reflection template to match any organization’s key leadership behaviors or competencies.

Facilitator Bio:

As the author of “Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Practices for a Culture of Continuous Improvement”, Ms. Jekiel is committed to building Lean HR as a recognized field of work. Ms Jekiel has held Vice President of Human Resources positions for a number of companies.  Prior to her recent senior leadership roles in Human Resources, Ms. Jekiel served for five years as the Chief Operating Officer after a number of other leadership roles at a Specialty Bakery in the Chicagoland area. Ms. Jekiel has developed an expertise in Lean manufacturing with a particular focus on Lean cultures. Ms. Jekiel has made countless significant improvements in reducing operating costs and leveraging a Lean culture to obtain new ‘business. She has over 30 years of manufacturing experience.