Executive Lean Coaching: A Success Story

Presented By:

Didier Rabino

Session Description

Over the past 25 years, Didier’s career has evolved from implementing Lean solutions as an engineer manager to using Lean to manage operations, to currently coaching other leaders in developing Lean knowledge and adopting Lean behaviors. Over the past five years, Didier has spent most of his time engaging senior executives. Since he could not find best practices in the Lean executive coaching field, he experimented and developed a series of coaching plans and tools. After presenting and teaching some of these tools, Didier will engage participants to customize them to their organization.


Learning Objectives

In this session participants will learn to…

  • Develop Lean coaching plans and tools for executives
  • Engage executives in learning and applying Lean principles and behaviors
  • Measure the performance of your coaching process

Facilitator Bio:

Didier Rabino is Vice President, Lean Executive Sensei at Fairview Health Service, a 32,000-employee healthcare organization located in Minnesota. In this role, he supports the development of the Fairview Operating System and provides Lean coaching to the senior executive team.

Prior to holding this position, he worked for Andersen Windows as plant manager and architect of the Andersen Manufacturing System. He also worked for Steelcase in England, France and in the United States leading and supporting lean transformations and new process implementations.

Didier is also the president of Lean Management Systems LLC, director of the AME North Central Region Board, instructor for Manufacturers Alliance and a regular presenter at Lean conferences. He holds a Wood Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Nancy, France; a Business and Administration degree from the University of Perpignan, France and a Master’s degree in Industrial Sciences from Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France. He obtained Lean certificates from the University of Michigan, the University of Tennessee, Kellogg University and the Shingo/AME/SME Lean certification. He is the 27th recipient of the Institute of Industrial Engineering Honorary Member Award; the highest honor IIE grants an individual of acknowledged professional eminence who is not a member of the institute.