Increasing Leaders Lean IQ via Experiential Coaching

Presented By:

Rich Calvaruso

Session Description

Improving work on the shop floor is the name of the game at GE Appliances, a Haier Company.  We have more than a half dozen plants and thousands of frontline workers, and we make a lot of appliances (one every 1.6 seconds) and the product variety is constantly changing. The scale of our business requires a strong problem-solving culture in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. To meet these challenges, GE Appliances needs managers that can coach their teams to continuously improve.  To do that successfully, our managers needed to learn first how to improve work themselves. 

Rich Calvaruso, Senior Director Lean, learned that lesson firsthand when a former Toyota coach showed up to inspect GEA’s attempt at standardized work. “You call that standardized work?!?” he asked pointedly. This was followed by a challenging learning experience where Rich was required to improve one job significantly enough to satisfy a very demanding coach.

In this session, you will hear more about Rich’s experience but also how Rich is creating this experience for all managers across GE Appliances.



Facilitator Bio:

Rich Calvaruso, leads GE Appliances’ lean manufacturing transformation.  He is responsible for developing lean thinking capability of the people and improving the efficiency of the processes across the manufacturing organization.  He assumed his role in 2006 with the introduction of Lean concepts into manufacturing. His efforts expanded and accelerated in 2009 when GE Appliances began its first of a series of investments that would total $1 billion to design and produce 11 new appliance products in its US factories.

Rich joined GE in 1989 following his graduation from Youngstown State University where he earned a B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering. He worked in GE Lighting’s Fluorescent Lamp manufacturing plant in Circleville, OH from 1989 to 1997, holding positions as Manufacturing Engineer, Operations Manager and Manager of Manufacturing Engineering.  He was promoted to Plant Manager of GE Lighting Special Pack Inc. in Canton, OH in 1997.   In 1998 he was named a Six Sigma Master Black Belt for Fluorescent manufacturing.  Rich was promoted to Plant Manager at the GE Lighting Incandescent Lamp Manufacturing facility in Winchester, VA in 2000.   He moved to GE Appliances in 2004 as Master Black belt for Appliances manufacturing.

Rich is married has three children and two grandchildren. He enjoys classic cars, reading, handyman projects and spending time with his family.