Mindsets Matter:  The Neuroscience of Leading Change

Presented By:

Suzanne Lahl & Terri Egan

Session Abstract:

We are wired to avoid change, so initiating change in a workplace is often met with resistance, stress and concern. Brain research suggests we rely on our usual patterns of behavior and our usual way of accomplishing tasks. In this session, Mindsets Matter examines the neuroscience behind the tendency to “go with what you know” and presents methods for optimizing ways to introduce change in a fast-paced, complex environment. By understanding what makes us and those around us fall into habit, and how to best manage that instinct, you can adapt to changes with more agility, insight and wisdom.

In this session you will learn…

  • the value proposition of vertical development as it relates to coaching, leading and inspiring change.
  • how being brain savvy impacts performance, memory, decision-making and relationships.
  • how developing your whole self, we call this your SPINE power – spiritual, physical, intellectual, intuitive and emotional aspects – supports mindset growth.
  • how to reduce automatic behaviors and patterns that derail healthy risk taking, engagement and strategic thinking, especially during change initiatives.

Facilitator Bios:

Suzanne Lahl, MSOD (Master of Science in Organization Development, Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University, CA) is a specialist in strategic thinking, leadership and organization development.  Suzanne applies neuroscience discoveries to her international coaching and leadership development practice. Suzanne and Terri Egan have created an evidence-based cutting edge model for developing leader mindsets to meet the challenges of a fast-moving and complex world.  Their model includes four capabilities:  Dynamic Attention, Whole Person Integration, Strategic Clarity and Authentic Collaboration.  Suzanne serves as adjunct faculty in the MSOD program and is cofounder of the SyncUp Leadership Group (www.syncupleadership.com)

Terri Egan, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at Pepperdine University and former Director of Pepperdine’s Masters of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program. Terri has taught graduate and executive courses in personal development, leadership, team effectiveness, organizational change and development, creativity and innovation and international organization development. Her award winning research has been published in a number of  top journals. Terri’s research and practice focuses on integrating neuroscience discoveries into organization and leadership development theory and practice. She is cofounder of the SyncUp Leadership Group (www.syncupleadership.com).