One-On-One Coaching

Presented By:

Jim Benson

Session Abstract:

Jim Benson will provide one-on-one coaching on the truly high-variation and low-predictability elements of business: the human beings.

Topics might include how to respond to sticky office politics, cognitive bias, systems that chronically overload workers, how to measure workload for knowledge workers, distributed teams, business plan clarity, role clarity, the psychology of work, and building systems of rapport and trust.

Jim regularly coaches executives at companies like Spotify, JP Morgan, BT, RW Baird, and Boeing.

Presenter Bio:

A pioneer in applying Lean and Kanban to knowledge work, and an internationally recognized speaker and author, Jim Benson is CEO of the collaborative management consultancy Modus Cooperandi and founding partner of Modus Institute.

He is a fellow in the Lean Systems Society and recipient of the Brickell Key Award for Excellence in Lean Thinking.

Jim is the creator of Personal Kanban and co-author of Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life, winner of the Shingo Research and Publication Award. His other books include Why Plans Fail, Why Limit WIP, and Beyond Agile.

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