July 25-27, 2016   |   Minneapolis, MN   |   #leancoaching

Session Highlights


What if You Can’t Be Promoted Unless You Have a Capable Replacement Ready? David Verble


Lean Coaching and Complexity Tony Lamberton


How Toyota Kata & TWI has made me a better COACH Skip Steward


Coaching Past Denial and Resistance to Create Receptive Leaders and Associates Ron Oslin & Holt Livesay


Creating Intention and Focus for Coaching by Using a Structured A3 Thinking Process Katie Anderson & Michelle S. Gabriel


Developing the Coach Within – Highly Effective Coaching Using Mindfulness Mike Orzen


Re-Thinking Your Story of Learning and Teaching: How Theory Impacts Preparation and Delivery Jennifer VanHorssen


Mindsets Matter:  The Neuroscience of Leading Change Terri Egan, PhD & Suzanne Lahl


Learning from Animal Behavior: Lions and Tigers and Dogs, Oh My! Gerard Cronin


Coaching with TWI’s Job Instruction Method: From Getting Ready to Follow Through Patrick Graupp


Optional Day 3 Workshops

Coaching Those Who are not on Board, in Denial or “Addicted to the Status Quo” and Actively or Passively Resisting Change Ron Oslin

Preparing Leaders to Coach Using Humble Inquiry David Verble

Improvement Kata Experience Beth Carrington

Breaking Down a Job for Training: the Key to Effective Coaching Patrick Graupp


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The 2016 Lean Coaching Summit

Learners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are experienced, highly skilled problem solvers and leaders. Some are not. Some are open to being coached. Some resist. The challenges or problems they face are equally diverse, ranging from very complex to quite simple. So, this variability in the coaching situations we will encounter compel us to develop a full set of coaching capabilities, along with enough wisdom to deploy them on a situational basis.

This year’s Lean Coaching Summit in Minneapolis, MN, will continue in the tradition of gathering thought leaders and practitioners together to share, to learn together, and ideally, to advance the community’s collective understanding around “lean coaching.” Understanding alone is insufficient, however, and so we also set aside this time for practice, to learn deeply through experiential doing.

Preparation is this year’s theme. As many, if not most, coaching interactions are brief, often occurring on-the-job, a coach’s effectiveness often correlates with how prepared they were, or were not, to deliver timely, clear and impactful coaching in the moment. We think of preparation as including grasping the coaching situation – from the learner to their problem – planning what and how to coach, thoughtfully designing and creating learning experiences from the environment to the sequence of learning points.

This year’s summit includes the most diverse group of speakers yet in our five years of gathering together the lean coaching community. Purposefully, the presentations do not simply share “best practices.” Instead, speakers will share their current thinking and offer questions for you to add to your practice of self-reflection and personal development. As we improve our own performance, we learn more how to help others do the same.

We hope you will join us this year in the “land of a 10,000 lakes.” Cheers to another year of co-learning!

Join us for the 5th Annual
Lean Coaching Summit
July 25-27, 2016
Minneapolis, MN




  • Lean project leaders
  • Lean coordinators
  • Lean change agents
  • Continuous improvement executives
  • Six Sigma black belts
  • Staff experts
  • Leaders, change agents, managers, lean experienced executives, in manufacturing, service operations, healthcare, or non-profits