July 19-20, 2017   |   Austin, TX   |   #leancoaching

John Shook

Join John Shook, Chairman and CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute, as he engages in conversation with Dan Prock. He and Dan will reflect on the current state of lean and then offer insights and a way forward based on their personal learning experiences with sensei. Plus, they will draw upon what may be viewed as an unexpected tradition!

Cliff Hazell

Cliff Hazell, system and product improvement manager at Spotify, recently spent two days with fellow team members sharing diversity and inclusion experiences from around the company. He’ll report on the latest diversity efforts happening inside the music, podcast, and video streaming company. How might this guide your coaching efforts?

Jim Benson

Jim Benson will explore two fundamental lessons that we know to be true: 1) Neuroscience teaches us our cognitive processes are imperfect, and 2) Lean teaches us our working processes are imperfect. What’s a Lean knowledge worker to do? With some effort though, both are coachable and improvable, particularly when they are in the service of the other.


  • Coaches for executives, management, organizations, lean/problem solving/continuous improvement
  • Executives, Managers, Supervisors
  • Human Resource, Organizational Development, Training leaders
  • Lean/problem solving/continuous improvement leaders
  • Change agents, lean project leaders/coordinators
  • All sectors, for profit and non-profit